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Online Dating Site For Men & Women Over 50

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Dating young makes no sense at all. I have dated a number of women many of them widows not divorced who are my contemporaries at 55 and as old ss 60. I really don’t think it’s rocket science. What it is is just being a decent, unselfish, and thoughtful human being. What you are doing is a great idea. Get out and do things that are meaningful for you and keep on living your life.

Sarah Shahi

We seen long ago how life could get lonely in our older ages and were looking to extend our family with that as “one” of the reasons. Even then, what we always ran into was the selfishness, or lack of desire to be better than yesterday. Most women start gaining weight, and then want to guilt or shame you for wanting to be fit healthy and be with someone fit and healthy. Alisha Ross – I was on a well-known online “dating” site for about 6 mons. I found very few real women in my age bracket and geographic area. (After a while you can spot the “bots” a mile away.) So I created a fake yet detailed female profile to find out what the male competition was like.

Divorce courts are extremely biased towards women. Marriage is like giving your Girl a loaded gun and hoping she doesn’t use it on you. I am almost 54 now, with no interest in dating where I live. I moved south over three years ago, and sadly I am not impressed with the quality of men I see in my area. Left to online communication on various non dating sites, because I ditched dating sites years ago, most men I have met continue to disappoint or disappear. I live in the PNW and dating is a faded memory for me.

Don’t Be Too Serious

Then he sent me a photo of himself nude in a rather erect position on his rocking chair. Okay, that shiz doesn’t turn me on. He was sort of a flake back then, and he apparently didn’t mature much. But, he sort of jump started my dating initiative.Anyway, friend talked me into online dating site.

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Except celebrities who can really do it, all talk about guys preference to date women the age of their daughters is just a cliche. I see this repeated on this website many times and I wonder where it comes from. The whole idea of “upgrading” to a younger woman and leaving a wife for a younger “model” is just a lie. Sometimes, but very very rarely I see a woman years younger married to a 50+ guy but only when she really needs the stable life and support. They ALL come with children and usually they are from different countries so they also upgrade the lifestyle for their children.

Then they get pissed when I bail. Every woman that I have dated since 2007 all said the same thing. “I can’t believe you are still single”. But they have all been cut from the same cloth. Total sweethearts until they think they have me locked in. I don’t think I’m asking for a lot.

2003: American Idol, World Idol, and Thankful

I have come across a lot of great women, that I know that she and I would be great together. I am head over heels for and she and I have a ton of the same interests in life. We are friends with one another, but she refuses to date me. Now that I am 58, I know 100%, I have no chance to be with any female on this planet. Who has a lot going for myself and I have a lot to offer. Life is short and is passing by quickly.

I am one of the rare “Decent Normal Women” , as you’ve put it. I am a kind, affectionate, and attractive woman who would like to settle down with a good guy some day. I have never been a man hater, and honestly I can’t even grasp the concept.

Sure it was crappy to go through it, but it is SO over. My life even to this date has not turned out the way I expected but I still have hope for the future and have lots of great relationships and interests in my life that make me happy. Mid 50s, find women of all ages attractive, started chatting w/ a woman in her mid 60s at Costco who I may have asked out if not for the ring.

Guess it’s time to move on anyway. First, I want to say to keep up the hope that you’ll find a good woman that you deserve and who deserves YOU and the love you’ll give her. Not all of us shallow, money grubbing strumpets ; but I get your fear.

Young women tend to be much slimmer, sex with them is on a totally different level. Plus they like or at least are not afraid of showing their bodies. After that comes personality, but this is another subject. The real problem today is that women do have it much easier than many of us single men when it comes to dating.