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The New Reality Of Dating Over 65: Men Want To Live Together; Women Dont

By 4 أبريل، 2023No Comments

I have no children and my husband has gone off with a very younger model after I dedicated my life to him for 25 years. Would love to contact you if you are still single. You were very kind to everyone in your post. That’s a great quality in a person. Because of great pain, some people become bitter.

When I contacted men whose profiles I liked they didn’t have the courtesy to respond. I even found that one of the men who had a lot in common with me was engaged to be married, yet still had an active profile going. I really hope you find someone who isn’t selfish and who will respect you. Unfit, overweight, bitchy, demanding, nutty – all get you swiftly eliminated. Maybe in 10 years, but there are plenty of 39 year olds today who will be in your shoes in 10 years . If a man is genuine, respectful, and attentive, he deserves a chance.

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I prefer someone around my age because I will have more in common with that man and hopefully they will have the same level of maturity. Im 54 and I am on a couple of dating sites. I post just my profile picture, username, age and city and that is it! I get 25 to 30 messages a day from different woman and an average of 45 – 50 that have viewed my profile.

I couldn’t disagree more on the age thing. Look thru a handful or more on Match or any other site and women over 55, as an example, are just as restricvtive on age range than the younger generations. I defy anyone to show me otherwise. 55+ how about us that are over 50 but not yet 55?

There are many more men in their 50’s than women, as women are more likely to smoke and engage in unhealthy lifestyles. Ladies, if you want men, stop smoking, diet, and get in shape. I really don’t get this obsession with appearance.

What Women Over 40 Do and Don’t Want from Their Men

Just want someone to have conversations with and to start to live again. I agree that everyone has to go out and live their lives. Doing what has meaning for you is very important in life. You might just run into someone who gets you and has the same interests. Tony M……just like it makes no sense to lump all men into a category and stereotype them, all women should not be considered liars.

Men say they want something good and special but they don’t see it or respect it when it is right under their noses. I don’t know if they are protecting themselves or what, but I have found that men play lots of games, yet they criticize women for doing just that. It seems that the only way to get a man is to play the right game. I am not good at games, especially mind games. I prefer to be my down to earth, grounded self.

In fact, while I don’t have full-on erectile dysfunction, I’ve grown to be thankful that my penis doesn’t make any of my decisions anymore. My marriage of 27 years ended after I just flat stopped having sex with her after an entire marriage of being manipulated by my phallus. Over a span of twenty-five years I was made to feel unwanted and disgusting despite lifting, running, swimming, yoga, and martial arts to try to make myself more appealing and sexy.

But that scares me since he has a young child. I believe it is the SOUL CONNECTION and commonality between 2 people that make a relationship fulfilling no matter what age you are. Be confident and take charge of your own destiny. Don’t settle for anything less than your very best and the rest will follow.

But I do know, that by this age, we should be much more responsible with the hearts, minds, and souls of the people we interact with. Don’t waste anyone’s time, if you don’t want an exclusive relationship, then be honest so the other person can have a chance to back out. And if they do want to back out, let them, don’t keep chasing them down as though you really want only them.